Cremo Beard & Face Wash, Mint Blend, All-in-One

Barber Grade: Premium quality. Astonishingly superior. Tough enough for facial hair yet gentle enough for everyday use. Unlike shampoos, contains no harsh ingredients that can irritate skin or leave beard dry and flaky. Sulfate free. Facial hair over a couple of weeks old starts to collect dead skin cells that normally fall off skin. As beard get longer, beard hair traps dirt and grime and needs to be regularly washed. Shampoos aren't designed for facial hair and the underlying skin that's more sensitive than your scalp. Most shampoos contain harsh ingredients that lead to a dry and flaky beard. Cremo All-in-One Beard & Face Wash cleans all beard types and the underlying skin. Unlike most shampoos, there are no harsh irritants that strip away moisture from your facial hair and skin. It's lightly scented with natural essential oils for a supremely fresh and clean feel. Not tested on animals. Made in USA.