Sweet Earth Get Focused! Functional Breakfast Burrito 6 Oz. Pack

Since 1978. Natural foods. Wake up with a blend of cage-free eggs, fresh kale, farro, smoked gouda, & our savory grounds. Poignantly seasoned with rosemary & fennel for extra-fine, focused flavor. High in vitamins A, C, B1, B2. 18 g protein. Good source of magnesium & zinc. 7 g fiber. 720 mg omega 3. No GMOs. RBGH-free dairy. Expect more from breakfast with our line of fully functional burritos. Made with only the best varieties of nutrient-rich whole foods, our burritos are sure to put the mojo in your morning. This Get Focused! burrito is charged with nutritional powerhouses known as superfoods. Green peas. Hemp seed. Kale, Flax seed wrap. Rosemary. All natural and high in protein. sweetearthfoods.com. (at)Facebook.com/sweetearthfoods. All natural.