Willamette Valley Pie Co. Cobbler, Peach, Old Fashioned Style 26 Oz

Family-owned & operated. 100% real butter. Cake batter recipe. Ready to bake. We're pretty proud of our reputation for making cobbler as good as grandma's! Always: All natural ingredients. Fresh fruit from our farm and farmers we trust. Sustainably grown, no-till wheat. A whole lotta love! Never: GMO ingredients. Artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives. High fructose corn syrup. Gels, oils or gums. Sink Your Fork into Summer: fresh, tree-ripened peaches are the star of the show in this old-fashioned favorite. A little buttery, brown sugar cake batter brings it all together. Simplicity at its best. Thank you for choosing. Did you know that every purchase you make supports community? Thanks to all the people who love our pies, we've helped thousands of local community organizations reach their fundraising goals. And we're still going strong. That's a pretty good feeling for our family, which has enjoyed the privilege of farming in Oregon's bountiful Willamette Valley for nearly a century. We grow crops like the beloved Marionberry, a unique variety cultivated and farmed only in the Pacific Northwest. Today we're joined by dozens of independent farmers who share our appreciation for the good stuff: pie, community and gathering everyone together around the table. Can't get much better than that. With appreciation, -The Roth Family.