Krusteaz Heart Healthy Pancake Mix

Light & fluffy. Just add water. No artificial colors. Unleash your inner maker. Contents may settle. Product sold by weight not volume. Let's make it happen. Makers Wanted: Driven by a spirit of ingenuity since 1932, we are Makers. And so are you. Throw yourself into the mix and let's make wow happen! Keep the heart healthy and the taste buds happy. Great ideas often come out of tough times, and times didn't get much tougher than 1932 in the midst of the great depression. That year, a few women who traded recipes conjured up an easy-to-prepare pie crust mix and named it Krusteaz (crust + east). They went door to door, cafe to cafe, selling their creation. A few years later that same entrepreneurial spirit led us to create the first-ever just-add-water pancake mix. A lot has changed since 1932, but some things haven't. We're still a family business, and we still believe that nothing brings people together better than delicious food. Boys & Girls Club of America: Krusteaz is proud to partner Boys & Girls Clubs of America to improve the wellbeing of America's youth.