Carrington Farms Coconut & Avocado Blend 16 Oz

A delicious cooking oil. Remains liquid. Natural energy source. A delicious cooking oil alternative. Easily digestible. Non-hydrogenated and free of trans fatty acids. Hexane-free, solvent free and BPA free bottle. Tasty alternative to canola, soybean, vegetable, olive oil and butter. Naturally rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs are efficiently utilized by the body for energy production. Excellent for an active lifestyle. High in mono saturated fatty acids. For more recipe ideas, visit Stays liquid at room temperature. An easy-to-use alternative to other cooking oils for a wide range of uses. Can be used for sauteing in temperatures as high as 250 degrees F. Gluten free. Liquid coconut oil is a product of Philippines. Avocado oil is a product of USA or Mexico.