Sunfed Ranch Beef Meatballs, in Tomato Sauce

No MSG added. Made with 100% grass fed beef. Beef used is 100% grass fed & grass finished and raised with no hormones or antibiotics added (Verified by a 120-day affidavit by SunFed Ranch) on American Family Ranches. SunFed Ranch's beef is sustainably raised by American family ranches. Sustainability is achieved by holding a commitment to tradition farming methods and maintaining the heritage of our local farm communities. We feel a deep and genuine regard for our cattle and resources, and we treat them with respect and consideration. SunFed Ranch is committed to raising our cattle with the best of care - roaming outdoors on pastures their entire lives, as nature intended. We know that proper livestock handling is not only ethical, but also support our cattle's health and well-being, resulting in nutritious 100% Grass Fed and Grass finished beef. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Share your meatball creation with us by using (hashtag)SunFedRanch!