Touch of Gray Mustache & Beard Just for Men Dark Brown & Black Kit

Touch of Gray® Mustache & Beard Just for Men® Dark Brown & Black Kit. New. Air Activ™. Oxygen Activated. Gets Rid Of Some Gray, Not All. Multiple Application Kit. B-45/55. Innovative Air Activ™ formula uses oxygen in the air to subtly reduce gray. Lets you match the amount of gray in your beard to the amount of gray in your hair. No Mixing, No-Mess Applicator. Easy to use. Works in 5 minutes. Formulated to penetrate coarse facial hair. Gentle and Lasting. No peroxide, No ammonia. Permanent: It lasts until the gray grows back. Applicator Brush. Specifically designed for facial hair. Lets you control the application. The End of Unnatural Looking Haircolor. Traditional haircolor products contain peroxide and/or ammonia,and can over-color hair making it look unnaturally dark and flat. This Just for Men® innovation is activated by oxygen instead. It preserves the natural, subtle variations in your hair. Available for full or partial gray coverage in: Just for Men® with Autostop®. The Foolproof way to eliminate all gray while preserving the subtle variations in your hair. Touch of Gray®. Lets you keep some gray blended with the subtle variations of your natural color. U.S. Patent No. D521, 243 S. U.S. Patent No. 7,947,090. Touch Of Gray®, Just For Men®, and Autostop®, are registered trademarks of Combe Incorporated. All rights reserved. Advice Call 1-800-431-2610. Online Shade Selector Tool at Reviews & Testimonials at ©2013 Combe Incorporated.